TRIBUNAL ANIMAL is an artists' collective based around a group of musicians active in France. The main goal of the collective is to promote a new relationship between animals and mankind, marking a radical change from the one that has existed up to now. They seek to achieve this by increasing people's awareness of the appalling conditions which most animals must endure whilst being raised for human consumption. In doing so Tribunal Animal also promotes vegeterianism and of course vegan attitudes. Through their music they condemn the use of animals in research and experimentation, in the clothing industry (leather and fur etc.), in the "speciesist" exploitation of animals for entertainment in zoos, circuses and in hunting, and in general terms any activity that treats animals as nothing more than commercial merchandise.

TRIBUNAL ANIMAL released their first album in 2004. Recently they have worked on the sound track of the movie A.L.F. (Animal Liberation Front), directed by Jerome Lescure (2012). Their new album is titled 'Tribunal Animal Act 2' (2013). In each record the songs are either in french or english, or sometimes bilingual.

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